RAM helps to secure share the services between the AWS accounts, within the organizational units (OU). Resources can be accessed with IAM roles and users. We can use RAM to share resources like AWS App Mesh, Amazon Aurora (database), AWS CA, AWS Code Build, Amazon EC2, EC2 Image Builder, AWS…

Day 4

Here are the few networking commands that support developers and users of devops. For users who play with servers, these commands will be a part of everyday use. Give me a thump if it helps to clap the post.

Day 3 -

AWS DataSync, the word itself described as data synchronization in AWS, will be the subject we will be discussing. The data-transfer service that simplifies , easier and automates for replication of data between On-premises and AWS storage over internet or AWS direct connect.

sample image describes flow of DataSync

How it works —…

Day 2

Overview about S3 Bucket

S3 Bucket — Simple Storage Service:

sample image for S3 bucket

What is S3

S3 provides any organization or group with secure, durable and high scalable object storage. It is easy to store and retrieve any amount of data from any location, you can store unlimited amount of data…

Topic - AWS Cloud Services

A little brief about the AWS cloud - Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform provided by Amazon. AWS services can offer an organization tools such as database storage, compute power, content delivery, and other user-friendly functionality services to help businesses grow and perform…

Murali Krishna

DevOps Lead

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