Day 3 -

AWS DataSync, the word itself described as data synchronization in AWS, will be the subject we will be discussing. The data-transfer service that simplifies , easier and automates for replication of data between On-premises and AWS storage over internet or AWS direct connect.

sample image describes flow of DataSync

How it works — Installing the AWS DataSync Agent on server to connect the file system to AWS and write data from AWS. Network transfers accelerates the encrypted data over WAN areas. It has high protection connecting with the storage in AWS services like S3 Bucket, EFS , Fsx on windows servers.


  • Helps in large amount of data transfer from on-premises to AWS.
  • Transfer files with NFS and SMB compatible file system.
  • Installing the DataSync Agent to start the replication, it can be maintained hourly, daily or weekly.

Use Cases

  • Data transfer can be made secure and reliable can be done by attaching the IAM roles to the AWS.
  • It helps in the reduction of operation data transfer cost, pay as per Giga-pricing of DataSync.