sample image for S3 bucket
  • It is safe and secure to store files in the form of objects.
  • It is compatible with multiple devices like laptops, mobile devices, etc.
  • It can be restrict the access from users by attaching the permissions in policy.
  • It is easy to identify the bucket because they are universal namespace.
  • The way you can store objects into S3 bucket is by upload the object, when operation is successful it gives you a code of HTTP 200.
  • Key ( Name used to pass the file to identify).
  • Value ( Address to find the file).
  • Metadata( Data about data of objects for example raw data).
  • Version ID ( versioning attached to bucket).
  • Sub-resources -> Access Control list , Torrents ( kind of access permissions).
  • Build for 99.99% of availability for S3 platform.
  • Amazon guarantees (11*9's)% of durability for storage information.
  • Amazon guarantees 99.9% of availability.
  • Tiered storage availability — different level of uploading and storing the objects in S3 buckets.
  • Life cycle management -> which helps to upload the content in S3 bucket to S3 glacier after certain period of time.
  • S3 encryption helps to encrypt the content from the outside of the world, which means no one can view the content.
  • MFA — multi factor authentication can be set up for deletion of objects.
  • Cross-region replication, you can use the same bucket in multiple regions.




DevOps Lead

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Murali Krishna

Murali Krishna

DevOps Lead

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